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Corporate Responsibility

We always take responsibility for the impact of our activities in particular on the community and environment.

Reduce carbon emission and support sustainable agriculture farming

Incentives to farmers

Eco friendly products and involved in technology optimization

About Us

PT Maju Bersama Semeru.

PT MBS, established to aspire in providing most responsible and economical ways of getting your things delivered. We boast specialisms in door-to-door deliveries and have been growing steadily ever since our inception.


Our Vision

Enriching lives of people & businesses by providing the most responsible and economical ways of delivering

Mission Statement

1. Provide a work-life balance environment & empower employees through learning

2. Uphold high standard for customer services and customer experience

Mission Statement

3. Investing in technology systems to keep pace with a business’s ever- changing demands and requirements



Have the skills to do every given task.

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Always ahead in position, time and manner.

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Pride ourselves with 100 percent achievement with no exception!

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Financially everyone capable of purchasing our services.

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Always easily reachable anywhere at anytime.

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Without error, without compromise!

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Custom Broker

Custom & Agency handling for Import & Export processes
- MBS has established relationship with customs offices around ports in Asia, USA, Europe & China
- Import and export shipment with no custom risks of shipment delays and penalties
- Transparent compliance process for importers or manufacturers

Courier Services

Pick & Pack (P&P), Door to Door (D2D), Just-In-Time (JIT), Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG), On-Board-Courier (OBC), Delivery-Duty-Paid (DDP)
- Picking up your packages by email or WhatsApp
- DOOR to DOOR services, we can deliver the packages even to areas on lockdown
- DDP service, an all in-price to doorstep delivery inclusive of duty

Freight Forwarding

Agency space booking, Documentation & Handling of Import Export & Transshipment, Warehousing, Transportation & Heavy-Lift Equipment Rental
- Cost effective for direct and consolidation shipment
- Organize daily movement with multimodal transport solution in/out of Indonesia USA, Europe and China
- Warehousing, transportation and heavy-lift equipment rental


Marine & Offshore (M&O), Oil & Gas (O&G)

PT MBS specialize in movement of SUBSEA equipment for Inspection, Maintenance, Repair(IMR), in M&O and O&G industry. Over the years, PT MBS has handled numerous movement to doorstep in Kalimantan Surabaya & Batam of Indonesia and Johor, Serawak, Sabah & Terengganu of Malaysia.

  • 1 Project and Logistics freight Management
  • 2 Feasibility study for transportation to and from the site. intermodal and Multimodal solution
  • 3 Police escort for movement of Out-Gauge (OG) and Route survey
  • 4 Rental of heavy lift equipment
  • 5 Supervising Jacking & Skating operation at site

Time-Sensitive Cargo. Door to Door.

Movement of CROV-5 from Malaysia by road to Singapore and to final destination Indonesia by ocean break-bulk (Road – Ocean). Commodity: Remotely operated vehicle (ROV).


Wholesale and retailing in agricultural products

PT MBS believes that growth in world population meaning increase in world consumption. Having that in mind, PT MBS produces its organically grown:

  • 1 Coconut farming – Copra & CNO
  • 2 Cassava plants - Tapioca
  • 3 Herbal leaves farming - Moringa, Patchouli
  • 4 Spices farming – Turmeric, Ginger and White-pepper
  • 5 Flower farming - Jasmine

Spices Farming

Turmeric and Ginger are harvested for their medicinal properties. Curcumin in turmeric is a bright yellow phenolic compound that is the main constituent of turmeric powder and Ginger contains Gingerol, a substance with powerful medicinal properties. Both spices are widely used as a food coloring, flavoring and also as a dietary supplement. Our raw turmeric and ginger products are mostly sold wholesale in local market whereas those in powder form are exported overseas.


Flower Farming

The flowers of the jasmine plant are white or pale yellow and extremely fragrant. Our farmers grow their jasmine plants in central Java that spread across provinces totaling about 600 hectares. Our jasmine flowers are carefully harvested daily, in the early morning. These fresh newly plucked jasmine flowers are then vacuum packed and stored in refrigerated warehouse. By midday, all boxes will be loaded and truck to nearest airport for export.


Coconut Farming

Our coconuts are harvested for its dried meat or kernel which is commonly known as ‘copra’. Our dried copra is transported to large industrial oil mills to process CNO (Coconut Oil). Demand for dried copra and CNO motivate us into investing in drying technology process.


Cassava Plants

Cassava plants farming are harvested for its gluten-free, low calories and sugar free benefits. Currently we supply mainly for local consumption that process this plant and its roots(tapioca) into; baking flour and crackers as healthy snack.


Herbal Leaves

Our organic herbal leaves are processed to meet the growing needs in aromatherapy commercially. Due to the therapeutic benefits to human, demand for its raw products grows steadily over the months. Export to Europe and USA by air freight alone can fetch up to 60tons in a month.